BTS’ 2020 comeback is inching closer and closer, and the boys’ label is doing a good job of keeping us on our toes in anticipation, dropping all the new concept photos from their album.

The group’s upcoming release, the second installation in the ‘Map of the Soul’ series, is due on the 21st of February. Well, as fans wait, ARMY is diving deep into theories based on the latest concept photos. Read on for a look at all the crazy theories!

1. The Angels:

Clad in all white, sporting new hair colours – this photo set marks the first concept of the series. Following the assumption that this album is all about personas, perceptions and self-awareness and truth, fans believe that first set focuses on their personas – what they are seen as in the public eye, or even what they are expected to be – pure and perfect.

2. The Fallen Angels:

Remember that blackhole in the first photo set? Well, BTS have fallen into that pit of darkness and met their true selves. It may be a fan theory but it is completely plausible, no? The theory is that BTS has come to terms with who they really are and what they need to be – embracing the bad with the good. They’ve still got their angel wings on; it’s just a darker story this time.

3. Dionysus 2.0:

Following similar themes and references to Greek mythology as seen in their previous concept photos, this set explores ideas of greed, lust and desire. It’s as simple as that, really. We’ll just have to see where the music takes us

4. The School Boys:

Once again, the boys venture out into familiar themes – the school boy concept. The idea of youth and that time in a person’s life has been explored by BTS constantly throughout eras. But, the key point of this photo set isn’t the concept itself, but more the possible collaborations in the upcoming album. Each photo shows a duo/ trio of the members and fans believe that these will be unit collaborations between the members within the album.

The K-Pop industry has always been known for their high-quality production in terms of physical album sales, with most releases being available in multiple versions, accompanied by varying sets of photographs, writings, posters, photo cards and more. This strategy of selling albums ensures increased numbers, with fans wanting to pick up every version possible at the time.

BTS is no stranger to this practice; their albums have always been lauded for the quality production value. The last installation of the ‘Love Yourself’ series – ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ was even nominated in the Best Recording Package Category at the 2019 Grammys.

‘Map Of The Soul: 7’ releases on the 21st of February.


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