As promised, Billie Eilish finally dropped the Bond theme song. Just like the title of the film, this one’s called, ‘No Time To Die’ and the young star has crafted this piece so carefully yet beautifully, that it arrives just like a gentle tide.

Considering the fact that Billie’s the youngest musician to ever record the Bond theme song, some people were over the moon once the news broke, while others were a little apprehensive and understandably so. After all, Billie’s filling in a big pair of shoes. In fact, going all the way back to 2012, without Adele’s accompanying track, ‘Skyfall’ wouldn’t be the same. Similarly, with Sam Smith’s ‘Writing’s On The Wall’. In fact, critics have even gone as far as saying that his track might’ve been ‘Spectre’s’ only redeeming quality. And now, Billie’s proven that her vocal range is just as impeccable as those of her contemporaries.

Eilish has been quite busy over the past month. Not only did she bag 5 Grammys, but also deliver a stunning rendition of ‘Yesterday’ by the Beatles at the 92nd Annual Oscar Ceremony. The minute she broke the news about recording a track for this film, everyone was curious to see how it would all unfold. After all, Bond is a cult classic. In fact, even Eilish and her brother and producer, Finneas, have been huge fans of the series.

“We’ve always wanted to write a James Bond theme song,” Finneas confessed. “And you know, it’s a legendary franchise, so we had to convince a lot of people that we were the right choice. And then we had to write a song that everybody liked. So it was a hard-won process.”

“The whole pairing is very authentic to my and Billie’s relationship with those movies. We’ve always loved James Bond movies. It’s like a dream come true to us…we just feel so lucky to be a part of it,” he added.

The song features Eilish’s haunting vocals over a chilling violin piece. Between every verse and the chorus, her vocals travel through numerous notes and emotions, invariably dropping us from a high. The lyrics, of course, only add to this underlying sense of melancholy, as Billie sings,

You were my life, but life is far away from fair

Was I stupid to love you?

Was I reckless to help?

Was it obvious to everybody else?

That I’d fallen for a lie

You were never on my side

Fool me once, fool me twice

Are you death or paradise?

Now you’ll never see me cry

There’s just no time to die

Well, Billie’s played her part and she’s played it very well indeed. And hopefully, considering that this is the last installment of the Bond franchise, we hope it ends with a bang!


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