Bad Boys Pull Off a Mariachi Version

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are Bad Boys for life and we are living for it. The latest installation in their smash hit “Bad Boys” series is almost out and watching them promote the film has been entertaining to say the least. The pair have been showing off their fun-loving nature in many ways, but we may have stumbled onto the best one yet

Michael Jackson is a Baba Now

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of his Bollywood debut, Hrithik Roshan, turned the spotlight to a young, up and coming dancer. He shared a video on Twitter and commented, “Smoothest airwalker I have seen. Who is this man?”

Hrithik was reacting to a compilation video of the TikTok user babajackson2020. The person who’d originally shared the video had written “Please make him famous,” in his tweet tagging Hrithik and dancer-director-actor, Prabhdeva. And it looks like Hrithik’s already made that wish come true