As Fashionable as Cardi can B

Cardi B made a killer entrance at court dressed in a larger than life coat feather ensemble, fully decked with a hood and a long train.

The BOdak Yellow hitmaker showed up at the Queensland criminal court dressed like.. Maleficent. Yep, you read that right.The singer showed up in a black and white pant suit with a black tie but all this wasn’t noticed.. what caught everyone’s eye was the rappers feathery hood!

Looking like Maleficent, looking like a cunning raven, Cardi B floated up the courthouse stairs with her feathered train following behind. She even had bodyguards follow her train to ensure that no one accidentally stepped on it!


Cardi was summoned to court regarding an altercation that occurred at the ‘Angels Strip Club’ in Queens last year. Two ‘Angel’ bartenders accused Cardi of assaulting them and ordering her guards to attack them. She was arrested and charged last October.

While some fans were in awe not many were impressed by her over the top high fashion look. Some even took to Twitter saying that it flouted PETA’s rules and others wrote, “Court isn’t a fashion show; a mess.” Another claimed the “I Like It” hitmaker was “doing too (sic) much.”

Just Another Lad Fight!

Nick Canon’s gone too far with his whining this time, it seems. Nick Cannon, and Eminem are feuding … again. Things took a turn for the worse when Cannon heard Eminem’s verse on Fat Joe’s new song ‘Lord Above’. In the verse, he refers to his brief romance with Mariah Carey.

For years, Eminem has maintained that he and Carey had a relationship, while Carey has repeatedly denied the rumour. Eminem even dropped her name on his 2002 song “Superman”. While Nick Cannon and the rest of the world thought this beef was squashed, in 2009, Eminem dropped ‘Bagpipes from Baghdad’ where the rapper laments the dissolution of their so-called relationship and calls her then-husband Nick Cannon a “prick” among a slew of other insults. Carey took the bait and served up a diss track of her own, the infinitely better “Obsessed,” which almost ended his career. The rapper then fired back at Carey with another diss track titled “The Warning,” in which he threatened to disclose evidence of his and Carey’s relationship and described Cannon using a homophobic slur (please stop, Eminem). There began a saga that still hasn’t been buried.

Unsurprisingly, this didn’t sit well with Cannon, who is not married to Carey any longer. The rapper went ahead and decided to reenter the rap game with not one, but two response diss tracks – ‘The Invitation’ in which he called out Eminem for everything from his ex-wife Kim Mathers and his daughter, Hailie, and ‘Pray for Him’. The man just keeps deluding himself, and the internet is not impressed.

Nobody is looking forward to any response because Eminem is an accomplished MC and honestly no one really needs another diss track laced with misogyny and homophobia aimed at a celebrity whose rap career doesn’t seem to thrive.

There’s no winner in this feud between Cannon and Eminem and hopefully they’ll move on leaving us with better things to look forward to!