#Lockdownmusic feat . Rap Of Hope With Tin Tin

Indigomusic.com presents #LockDownMusic!! When we’re in a crisis, music always manages to come to the rescue. And that’s why, this little rap has arrived with a reminder, a thank you note and a promise that things will get better soon. Stto, listen in, this one really hits home.

#Lockdownmusic feat. This Week In Music – Ep 4

Yes, we’re all on lockdown, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a little help navigating the pop culture world.

TOO MUCH happened this week – from Cardi B’s meme charting on Billboard, to an unfortunate announcement from Lady Gaga, and well, your friendly host Nupur has got you covered, as per usual!

Here’s another Week In Music 💅🏼