A New Star is Born

There’s hidden talent just waiting to be found and this is proof of it! So, it all started when a comedian named Kevin Freshwater approached multiple people with a fun little game. It was basically just a round of ‘Complete the lyrics’. Between a few curses hurled at him and the occasional shy singer, a gem popped up. When he asked a woman on the subway to finish the lyrics to Lady Gaga’s “Shallow”, her voice was simply out of this world.


Lady Gaga must’ve hiccupped. The video has gained over 25 million views on Twitter and we’re honestly not surprised. Talent like that needs all the recognition it can get!

From simply worrying about catching her train, Charlotte Awbery’s life has just turned around! Now, she’s not only become a viral sensation online, but she also featured on The Ellen Show! Oh and let’s not forget that Ariana Grande also sent her a follow request! Yup, if you want to know what went down in Ellen’s latest episode, just watch!

American Idol Judges get Floored

‘American Idol’ kicked off with the premiere of Season 18 and we’re already leaping out of our seats in anticipation! Ryan Seacrest settled into his usual spot as host while the judges, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie prepped themselves to face a brand new set of contestants. But, this time, they were in for one hell of a surprise. The good kind, of course.

Because when Cyniah Elise, a 17-year old who hails from Savannah stepped on stage, her voice left the judges in awe. So much so that, Lionel Richie compared her to Whitney Houston! So, have we already found a winner? So, soon?! We’ll just have to wait and see, because who knows what the other contestants have got up their sleeves?